Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SKG50 S3 75% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Today, Sharkoon has expanded its SKILLER SGK50 Keyboard series by introducing three new models that embrace a 75% layout. The SKILLER SGK50 S3, building on the success of the S4, extends the range of this popular keyboard series by incorporating hot-swap capabilities for 3 and 5-pin switches.


In comparison to the S4, the S3 boasts a larger 75% layout, featuring dedicated arrow and function keys, along with an additional Sharkoon key supporting up to two macros. The keyboard is available in standard and barebones versions, with options for black or white color schemes. Additionally, there’s a version with white PBT keycaps and blue highlights.


Choose from a variety of Gateron brand mechanical switches, such as red, yellow, and tactile brown. If you opt for the S3 PBT version, you also have the choice of G Pro Yellow switches. The keyboard incorporates features like a polycarbonate positioning plate, double-layer silicone damping, and factory-lubed stabilizers to deliver excellent sound and maintain high quality, ensuring a satisfying typing experience in both feel and sound.


The standard and Barebone versions of the Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S3, both in black, can be purchased at the recommended prices of 79.90 euros and 59.90 euros, respectively. White versions will be released soon. Additionally, the Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S3 PBT is currently available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 89.90 euros.

Via Sharkoon