ShopBLT Lists Intel Core i3-14100 Quad-Core Desktop CPU For $150

As we approach the year’s end, two certainties emerge: the impending conclusion of this year and the upcoming wave of Intel desktop CPUs set to debut early next year. Within this release, the Core i3-14100 is slated to be one of the slower CPUs in the new Raptor Lake Refresh lineup.


As revealed earlier last month, the Core i3-14100 is set to include four Performance cores, excluding access to an Efficient core cluster. This component will provide a turbo clock reaching up to 4.7 GHz, marking a 200 MHz increase compared to the i3-14100. Notably, the core count remains unchanged.

Recently discovered on ShopBLT, this component is listed at $150.27, nearly mirroring the price of the i3-13100 at the same retailer ($148.49). It’s crucial to note that the current-generation component has an official MSRP of $134 for 1,000 units.

14100 FPU 1

Chinese media outlet ECSM recently offered an early look at the i3-14100, affirming its TDP at 60W and the ability to peak at 68.57W during an AIDA64 stability test. Anticipated to feature an official MTP (Max Turbo Power) of 89W, unless Intel has altered the specifications in this current ‘generation.’

Via ShopBLT

Images: ECSM