Should you hire a promotion agency to get more Spotify streams?

Producing good artwork is not the only thing you need to launch a successful career as an artist. Getting your work in front of your target audience and developing a fan base is equally important. At a time when more music than ever is being made, it’s crucial to have the right strategies to promote your songs.

While there are multiple ways to promote your music, not all of these methods are as effective as others. Many artists prefer to hire a promotion agency to do all of the marketing work for them. This may be suitable for some musicians, but not all.

Here’re the factors that determine whether artists should hire a promotion agency:

The Money Factor

Money is the most essential part of making your way into any business, and things are no different in the music industry. With all the expensive musical equipment and resources needed, not all musicians can afford the luxury of hiring a promotion agency. Some rely on loans, while others dive into their lifelong savings.

When funds are limited, and you’re just about to kickstart your career, it would not be a wise move to exhaust your limited budget by hiring costly promotion agencies. You need to be smart with your investments, and going digital is the best strategy in such a scenario. While having a website and social media presence are excellent promotion strategies, music networks like Spotify and YouTube are far more effective promotional platforms for artists.

Spotify alone, when used smartly, can catapult you to the pinnacle of success. But it’s easier said than done. Getting followers on Spotify takes time, patience, and a lot of effort. You have to be consistent in creating music, uploading them to Spotify, and engaging with your existing followers to get more followers and plays. But there are some Spotify promotion services that can speed up the process for you. In any case, avoid using services that increase Spotify followers and plays through bots.

Organic Spotify growing services, such as, can grow your Spotify followers and plays without having you to spend ridiculously huge amounts of cash. You can basically buy Spotify streams in just a few minutes. It is a reliable and trusted service that works to promote your Spotify profile through real accounts while you do the actual work – producing music. They also offer a money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the results. Nevertheless, for those who do have enough cash to spare, hiring a promotion agency could also do the trick.

Time Commitment

Hiring a promotion agency is a commitment in itself, and if you think all is done and dusted once you’ve acquired their services, you couldn’t be more wrong. Some musicians are workaholics and tend to go from completing one track straight to working on another.

To gain the best results from promotion agencies, you have to answer their every call and beckoning. Balancing the constant pressure of interviews, collaborations, and other PR commitments with their work isn’t a job cut out for every musician. For these people, handling their own promotions is the most effective way to market themselves, rather than juggling between making music and fulfilling PR duties.

Some would, however, argue that balancing between different obligations is a part of every business. If you think you can make time for the added stress that promotion agencies bring to your work without compromising the quality of your content, why not give it a shot? Otherwise, keeping it simple and working on your own promotions would be the right thing to do until you’ve reached a career level where passing on the PR responsibilities to the professionals becomes an absolute necessity.

Building Your Image as an Artist

The entire point of hiring a promotion agency is to promote your image as an artist. It is, nonetheless, vital that you have established an artist’s image for yourself already before going to the extent of hiring someone to promote it.

Making a website, promoting yourself on social media, organizing frequent live performances, and sending out emails to bloggers and publicists are just a few of the things you can do to create the initial spark. Once this is done, you could consider building upon it even further by employing the services of a good promotion agency.

Final Thoughts

With every business comes the hassle of making crucial decisions that could have a massive impact on your career. In the music industry, hiring a promotion agency is considered a huge step. One that requires you to carefully consider the pros and cons before reaching a decision. The factors discussed in this article can help you make a smart choice.

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