SilverStone LD03 Case Review

Final Thoughts

When we first got a look at the LD03, our thoughts first went to the inclusion of three tempered glass side panels, and the square-ish shape of the case. Before us was a compact case offering support for an mITX build with some pretty large component clearances. The ability to support these larger components come from the rotated motherboard orientation, which is what we immediately focused on next. This design allows for lengthy video cards, and also results in a sleek case backside, as all of the cabling comes out the top of the case, hidden under the removable top cover.

Component installation is pretty straightforward, though cable management options are pretty much non-existent. We definitely recommend using a fully modular power supply with this case, as you will want to have the least amount of cables in your way during installation, and after when trying to keep the build as clean as possible. While the dark tempered glass panels do look very sleek and secretive, they are almost too good at keeping the internal components under wraps. We would have loved to see either a lighter tint on the panels, or even better, some integrated RGB lighting to show off the components inside.

SilverStone LD03

All that said, the SilverStone LD03 really impressed us. The rotated motherboard orientation mixes things up a bit and provides a different look at your build components. The included 120mm fans are a welcome touch, and the ability to install 120mm AIO liquid coolers is a great step towards building a powerful and compact system. As we somewhat expected, SilverStone has lived up to their reputation of providing high-quality, innovative cases with the LD03. Available at our favorite online retailer for $159.99, the LD03 is priced a bit higher than we would have expected, but the three glass side panels and niche market for this type of build typically results in a bit of a price premium. The SilverStone LD03 is definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a unique case for a mITX build, and ThinkComputers gives it a 9 out of 10.

rating9 10


  • Great Looks
  • Three Tempered Glass Side Panels
  • Two 120mm Fans Included
  • Support For Large Graphics Cards
  • Easy Panel Removal
  • Unique Internal Layout


  • No Integrated Cable Management
  • Premium Price