SimCity Open Beta January 25th – 28th

SimCity is a game that I grew up on, before I got into FPS games SimCity was all that I played. I have played every SimCity that was released. Can you believe that it has been 10 years since SimCity 4 was released and 6 years since SimCity Societies. Well that wait will soon be over at EA will be releasing a new SimCity game, simply named “SimCity” on March 5th. For all of those waiting EA will be holding an open beta the weekend of January 25-28. In order to participate you need to sign up before this Sunday January 20th. That is only 2 days away so get your beta registration in!

simcity beta

Be advised though as EA states, “The SimCity beta offers Mayors from around the world the chance to play a one hour slice of the game as well as deliver feedback straight to the team at Maxis.” One hour really? If you are a hardcore SimCity fan you know that an hour is not a lot of time to play a game like SimCity, but even though you will see me playing the beta.

Source: SimCity | News Archive

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