Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Single 32GB DDR4 Memory Modules Spotted For Sale

The first ever single-stick 32GB DDR4 server memory modules have been spotted for sale and they come from non other than Kingston. Typically when it comes to memory we see 4GB and 8GB single sticks so 32GB is quite a lot.

Kingston 32GB DDR4 Memory Modules

These new Kingston modules have the model number of KVR21L15Q4/32 and have the typical DDR4 operating frequency of 2133 MHz. They having timings of 15-15-15, operate at 1.2V and since it is server memory it has Error Correction Code (ECC).

Kingston 32GB DDR4 Memory Modules

As you can guess this larger capacity module is not going to be cheap! It is currently priced at 86.280 yen, which is about $727 USD!

Kingston 32GB DDR4 Memory Modules

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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