SK Hynix Spills The Beans On HBM3 Memory With 665 GB/s Bandwidth

SK Hynix, a memory manufacturing company, has made its HB3 memory plans public. SK Hynix has released the initial performance figures before JEDEC (the body responsible for the HBM standard).

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SK Hynix shared that its HBM3 memory is under development and has already achieved a 665 Gbps bandwidth with 5.2 Gbps I/O speed. This is a 44.6% and 44.4% increase respectively over the HBM2E standard.

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The HBM3 will take its sweet time to enter the market. AMD’s experiment with HBM Radeon RX graphics cards concluded with Vega architecture. AMD has reserved HBM for compute accelerators based on CDNA architecture. The Other companies are also not interred in bringing HBM to the gaming series either. However, the next-generation compute accelerators like Intel’s Xe-HP(C) or the rumored NVIDIA Hopper will most probably retain the success of stacked high bandwidth memory in their products.

Bia SK Hynix