Intel Could Make NVIDIA GPUs In Future

It looks like Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger and NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang are discussing the possibility of Intel manufacturing GPUs for NVIDIA.

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“I’m not saying this just to generate extra Hype… people should understand that NVIDIA and Intel are not going to turn around and let TSMC combine with AMD to crush everyone; or for TSMC to combine with Apple to do the same.”

In the coming years, TSMC will continue to dominate the industry. The company will make significant progress by manufacturing 5nm chips for its largest customer, Apple. Reportedly, Apple has secured 50% of TSMC’s 5nm production capacity by 2021.

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As TSMC made strong ties with companies, NVIDIA was forced to use Samsung’s 8nm node for their GPUs Ampere. Naturally, NVIDIA will start searching for substitutes but it may fulfill its 5nm requirements through the arrival of Samsung’s 5nm which will be used in the “Ampere Next” GPUs which are expected in 2022.