HP Omen 16 Featuring Radeon RX 6600M listed on BestBuy for $1480 USD

During Computex 2021, AMD announced its Advantage Laptop program which initially consists of two laptops; ASUS ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition and HP Omen 16. The G15 comes with the Radeon RX 6800M GPU while the Omen 16 is offered with RX 6600M.

HP Omen 16.1 Radeon RX6600M

The HP Omen 16 chassis is quite similar to 2020, which received positive reviews from reviewers and consumers. This 16.1-inch version exclusively houses the AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU. The RX 6600M is offered in the laptop as HP has mentioned ‘RDNA2 based graphics’ on their website.

This variant isn’t the high-end option offered under this design. The variant even lacks a QHD panel with a 165Hz refresh rate. Instead, HP mentions that it has a FullHD panel and the specs are unknown. However, we know that the AMD Advantage Laptop program ensures that the laptop will provide a 100 FPS+ gaming experience with a 144Hz panel. It is priced at $1,480.

AMD Advantage Laptop

To ensure 100+ FPS, the program requires both high-speed storage and long battery life. Unfortunately, the 10+ hours video playback time isn’t good enough and this is the reason why ROG STRIX G15 lacks a MUX switch for discrete and integrated graphics. When one switches to discrete GPU, the system offers reduced playback time. 

Currently, the Omen 16 is listed as coming soon with no release date. It remains unclear when other regions will receive HP Omen 16. Till now RX 6000M appears to be a US-exclusive.

HP Omen 16.1 Radeon RX6600M 2