MSI is Re-Releasing the GeForce GT 730 Because of the GPU Shortage

The GPU market is a complete mess right now! Good luck finding a new card anywhere close to retail and older cards are selling for insane prices as well. This is obviously because of the GPU shortage and worldwide silicon shortage. Many people who’ve had an older GPU die recently have been out of luck just finding a discrete graphics card to get them back up and running until the GPU market stabilizes.

Because of this MSI is going to be re-releasing a graphics card that first came out back in 2014, the GeForce GT 730. This card is powered by NVIDIA’s Kepler GPU with 384 CUDA cores, 2GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, and a boost clock of 902 MHz. Obviously this is not a graphics card made for gaming, but it will get you back up and running, especially if you don’t have the integrated graphics of your CPU to fall back on.

msi gt 730

The card is not at all demanding on your system using just 23W of power (provided by the PCIe slot) and does not have any fans so it will be a pretty quiet option. As far as connections you have HDMI 1.4a, DVI, and even an VGA output for older screens.

MSI is making this card available in Japan with a list price of 4,565 yen ($42 USD), but it may show up in other regions soon.

It does not look like the GPU shortage is going to be fixed anytime soon. NVIDIA is actually going to be limiting the production of RTX 2060 graphics cards to free up production for more 30-series cards, but who knows if that will even help the situation.

Via PC Gamer

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