Xbox Mini Fridge Featuring Velocity Cooling Architecture Will Launch Later This Year!!

It looks like a meme and a simple marketing tactic has turned into reality. Today, Microsoft has confirmed that a fully functional Xbox Mini Fridge is in making, and it is powered by Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture. The official trailer indicates that the fridge has a storage of up to ten 330 ml cans.

XBOX Mini Fridge 1

Microsoft, who owns Xbox and Windows OS has confirmed that it is indeed a real product that will arrive in the holiday season. The pricing and the exact date remain unknown.

XBOX Mini Fridge 3

This Mini Fridge is a medium to make some cash from the successful marketing campaign which mocked the Xbox Series X rectangular design. Many influencers have already received large Xbox lookalike fridges. The Mini Fridge will act as an Xbox accessory but it is unclear who will manufacture the product, the company, or its partners.

XBOX Mini Fridge 4