Aqua Computer Introduces Innovative Water Cooling System Protected Against Leakage

The German company Aqua Computer introduces a breakthrough system to prevent leakage in water cooling systems. The system, called LEAKSHIELD, actively creates an optimally calculated negative pressure in the cooling system that prevents coolant from escaping in the event of a leak. If a leak occurs, only air is sucked into the cooling system. This works very reliably even in the case of larger leaks, such as broken acrylic glass components. An integrated vacuum pump is activated in a fraction of a second and maintains the negative pressure. A demonstration video shows several examples how LEAKSHIELD helps to prevent a leak:

aqua leakshield 1 aqua leakshield 2 aqua leakshield 3

In addition, the protection system uses a pressure sensor with a resolution of less than 0.0001 bar to detect and indicate even the smallest leaks. This allows countermeasures to be taken at a very early stage – ideally even before the system is filled with coolant. Although LEAKSHIELD was developed by Aqua Computer for the ULTITUBE reservoir series, it can also be used with reservoirs from other brands using an adapter kit. The minimal size of the sophisticated device is impressive: all components have been integrated into the small cover of the reservoir. Power supply and control are provided via USB. The device has an OLED display and a push-button control. This allows the most important functions to be controlled directly on the device.

aqua leakshield 4

An output can be connected to the mainboard’s power button and switch off the PC in case of a leak. In case of a leak, the device also has an acoustic and visual alarm. Aqua Computer has implemented advanced functions in LEAKSHIELD: The device can precisely determine the level in the reservoir and also suck coolant into the system for the filling process. The often difficult deaeration during initial setup is also simplified by special vacuum cycles. As usual, LEAKSHIELD is controlled by Aqua Computer’s comprehensive aquasuite software. Extensive visualizations, charts and alarms by e-mail etc. are available.

aqua leakshield 5

Aqua Computer offers the variant for ULTITUBE reservoirs at a price of 119.90 EUR. The standalone variant for operation with other reservoirs is available for 139.90 EUR. Aqua Computer assumes that systems without this technology will not meet the technical standard in the future.

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