SK Hynix To Shed Light On 24GB 896GB/s HBM3 and 27Gbps GDDR6 Memory At ISSCC 2022

The specs of the upcoming HBM3 have been updated by Sk Hynix. The South Korean company has done this for the third time. SK Hynix revealed about the 12-Hi (layer) HBM3 DRAM with a speed of 820 GB/s a few months back, only to be developing even faster memory with 896 GB/s bandwidth to be launched at ISSCC 2022 (IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference).

SK hynix Develops HBM3 1

Not much has been revealed yet, but the speed and the memory configuration has been confirmed by the title of the session. It is reportedly going to be a 12 layer HBM3 DRAM featuring 196 Gb (24GB) of capacity. TSV (through silicon via) auto-calibration and machine-learning optimizations will be used for it. It is not confirmed whether the company is just developing this type of memory as a prototype on paper. Or they intend to extend this idea further.

SK hynix Develops HBM3 2

The first version of this model featured a 5.2 Gbit/s data rate per pin (665 GB/s). After a couple of months, it was updated by 23% to 6.4 Gbit/s (819 GB/s). The most recent shows 7 Gbit/s memory 10% upgrade over October’21 spec and provide 7 Gbit/s memory.


SK Hynix is planning to work on T-coil-based 27 Gbps GDDR6 memory. Merged-MUX TX, Optimized WCK Operation, and Alternative Data-Bus are going to be the special features. It is expected to be faster than Samsung’s 24Gbps memory.

Via ISSCC, VideoCardz