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Welcome to! We’re the ultimate online gaming portal bringing you a vast collection of diverse games for players of all ages and backgrounds. From puzzles and quests to thrilling action, everyone will be sure to find the game to suit their taste.

Play on the go

Take your favorite games with you wherever you go. Skywardgames features games that are available across all mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops. Now you can play high-quality games at your convenience and wherever you want.

No prior download required

Online games are perfect for mobile devices. You don’t have to install them in order to start gaming which saves the battery life and a lot of mobile traffic. This is fast and convenient and does not put additional strain on your device.

Absolutely free games!

It has never been easier to start playing your favorite game with Skywardgames. We do not require any prior donations and bring you the ultimate gaming collection for free. Just pick the game you want and launch it – as easy as ABC!

Diverse content

From sophisticated puzzles and quests to funny dressing games and super action, we’ve got you covered! Browse our vast collection to pick the one you like best of all.

Great educational games for children

Looking to introduce your children to various aspects of life in a simple and engaging manner? You’ve come to the right place! Skywardgames offers you a huge selection of educational games for children of all ages.

These games prioritize crucial skills that children must possess: critical thinking, attention, logic, agility, quick reaction and natural curiosity. A lot of them feature kids’ favorite cartoon characters such as Princesses Elsa and Anna, Jack and Olaf the Snowman from Frozen, Barbie, Pokemon, Super Mario, Talking Tom and Angela, Batman, Peppa Pig, Ben 10, Prince Charming and plenty of others.

The gameplay occurs in a variety of delightful settings: from imaginary ones like magical forests, distant lands or planets to real everyday places like shops, hairdresser’s salons, schools or hospitals.

Each of these games offers simple tasks that help children train their long- and short-term memory, practice, repeat and remember. It’s hard to encourage kids to continuously learn but with these games, they are enjoying the colorful design, cheerful music and a system of rewards that motivates them to learn further.

Games for boys and girls alike

Skywardgames offers a large selection of online games for boys and girls. For example, girls typically prefer beautifully designed games with a romantic or fairy-tale storyline or role-playing games:

– dressing games, fashion, hairdresser and makeup games develop personal taste;

– hospital and cooking games teach how to experience sympathy and care;

– coloring games develop a sense of space and color;

– puzzles and quests train memory, attention and logic.

At the same time, we offer a lot of games designed for boys. Boys are usually looking for sport, winter games, fictional characters and warriors and adventures. They love to take risks, run, move and fight.

Box, karate, pirates, space villains, racing, robots, math games, quests – these are just some examples of diverse content for boys we feature here, at skywardgames.

Plunge into the wonderful world of online gaming! Here’s a great chance to relax, recharge and enjoy the company of your favorite characters and simple tasks. Happy gaming!

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