Sony’s Inzone Gaming Hardware Gets a Mixed Reception

Sony Electronics has released a new range of gaming hardware called Inzone. It features two types of monitor and three kinds of headset, all of which are aimed at the pro gaming market. While such a move to cater to professional gamers has been applauded, the pricing of the Inzone products hasn’t. So has Sony got it all wrong with its latest batch of gaming hardware?

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All about the Inzone gaming hardware

The pro gaming realm is growing at a fascinating rate and even amateur gamers are calling for superior hardware that gives them a much more immersive and powerful way to play. It comes at a time where the gaming industry is diversifying into evermore processor-heavy games for PCs and consoles, and evermore convenient games for casual gamers.

So while a casual casino gamer can do something like read BetMGM reviews for the US market to see what slots they can play on their mobile, a hardcore gaming fan is going to need some hardware that’s a little more specific to their needs. This is where the Sony Inzone gaming hardware comes in as it promises to help you see and hear the action more clearly so that you react faster and take your gaming to the next level.

There are two Inzone gaming monitors on offer. The first of which is the Inzone M9 that gives you an immersive experience with 4K Full Array LED display. Further along, you’ll find the Inzone M3 monitor which promises to give you ‘lightning fast reactions’ as a result of its 240Hz refresh rate.

Audio is a frequently overlooked part of the gaming experience and Sony have released three versions of their Inzone headphones, the H9, H7 and H3. The H9 is the flagship model of this range and it features a noise cancelling wireless headset along with ‘360 Spatial Sound’ for an immersive experience.

Such a device also comes with its own smartphone app called the 360 Spatial Sound Perzonalizer which essentially allows you to set your own equalization, levels and other audio factors. Other notable features include special ducts on the headphone housing to facilitate low-end bass response, soft-fit leather pads that ensure hours of comfortable gaming, and a flexible flip-up boom microphone so that you can shout at your team-mates.

Is the Sony Inzone gaming hardware any good? 

There’s been plenty of praise for Sony’s bid to do more to cater to the serious gaming community. Packing headphones with cool features like the Ambient Sound Mode that enables you to hear noises like a doorbell while continuing to enjoy an immersive experience have been praised. Plus the monitors have benefited from software called the Inzone Hub that gives the player an extra level of customisation for things like saturation and darkness.

However, it’s the price point of the Inzone products that has received the greatest amount of criticism. Paying nearly $900 for a gaming monitor and $300 for a set of gaming headphones is clearly out of the price range for many casual gamers, especially when there are so many other competitively priced options currently on the market.

It remains to be seen whether Sony will opt for a more aggressive price point later on. After all, the brand is arriving fairly late to the pro gaming hardware market, and while each of these products is high quality, it can be hard to justify spending such a large amount of money. Still, all gamers will appreciate the fact that the hardware options for gaming are getting better all of the time.