SPARKLE Re-Enters GPU Market, Announces Intel Arc A750 TITAN, ORC and A380 ELF Graphics Cards

It’s been a while since Sparkle released any updates for their GPUs. Instead, they’ve been focusing on developing solutions for embedded systems. But things have changed recently! Since last month, Sparkle has been active on social media again. And today, they have some exciting news to share – they’ve become an official Intel Arc AIC partner! They’re introducing their first set of cards based on the Alchemist series, marking their return to the GPU market.

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All three of these cards have a matching blue color and a strikingly similar design. The TITAN comes with three fans and boasts the highest clock speed, which can go up to 2300 MHz. On the other hand, the Orc has a dual-fan design and a 2200 MHz setting. Both of these cards are powered by the Intel Arc A750 GPU, which uses the ACM-G10 GPU with 28 Xe-Cores, and they also come with 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

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The ELF is the smallest of the three cards and uses the Arc A380 GPU. Unlike the other cards, it doesn’t come with a factory-overclocked solution. The ELF has 8 Xe-Cores and comes with 6GB of GDDR6 memory. While we do know the basic specifications like the dimensions and clock speeds of the cards, we don’t have any information on their power consumption or whether there are any non-standard TDPs applied to any of the Sparkle Arc series.

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Sparkle has launched its Intel Arc graphics cards today, putting them in the same league as Gunnir, Acer, ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte, who are currently the only brands offering these cards. It’s surprising that Sparkle managed to launch the TITAN before NVIDIA did!

Via Videocardz