Speck GeoMetric iPhone 4 Case Review

I have been using the GeoMetric case for about a week now and I do like it a lot.  I really like that it does provide a little more protection than the Belkin Shield Micra I was using previously.  Just like almost all other iPhone 4 cases you openings for the dock connector and headphones.  I did not have any issues when connecting either.

Speck GeoMetric iPhone 4 Case Speck GeoMetric iPhone 4 Case

Holding the phone in your hand with the case on it really feels solid.  Also the contrasting textures on the backside of the phone make it easy to hold on to and carry.  I did the camera flash test, where I take a photo with the flash on and see if the case messes up the flash.  With the GeoMetric you will get perfect photos using the flash on the phone.  One thing I did notice was that I was always bumping the volume up and volume down buttons.  They are very sensitive and just bumping them will turn the volume on your phone up or down.

Speck GeoMetric iPhone 4 Case Speck GeoMetric iPhone 4 Case

Final Thoughts
I have really enjoyed using the GeoMetric iPhone 4 case.  Not only has it been protecting my iPhone 4, but it looks pretty cool doing it as well.  The design on the back is definitely something unique and a few people have already commented on it when I have been out.

The GeoMetric does give you very good protection if you were to drop your phone as the case wraps completely around the phone and the only open parts are where connectors would be.  Like most cases this one does not offer screen protection, but since it wraps all the way around the phone you do get a little bit of protection if you were to drop the phone on one of the corners.

I did have a small issue with this case.  The volume up and volume down buttons did get in the way quite a bit.  I’m used to cases where this spot is just left open for the buttons but since they stand out on this case they did get in the way whenever I would be taking a photo in landscape mode or playing a game.

Overall though I do like this case and it will be taking the place of the Belkin Shield Micra because it does offer more protection and I like the way it looks.  ThinkComputers gives the Speck GeoMetric iPhone 4 Case a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Offers a good amount of protection
– Stylish
– Comfortable and easy to carry

– Volume up and down buttons got in the way

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