SpotCam Eva 2 Security Camera Review

Final Thoughts

When it is all said and done the SpotCam Eva 2 has a lot going for it, but there are some things that I was a little disappointed with. First who is the SpotCam Eva 2 for? Well someone looking for a cloud security camera that offers pan / tilt functionality. But how is the Eva 2 different from all of the other cameras out there?

The first thing that really sets the SpotCam Eva 2 apart from other cameras out there is one you get 24 hours of cloud recording for free. So your last 24 hours of footage is always available in the cloud. This gives you more than enough time to go back and grab the footage you need if something were to happen. Most cloud security cams will only give you a set number of “events” (most of the time limited to 10 seconds) for free or you have to subscribe to a monthly subscription to get cloud playback. This of course adds an extra cost to the camera. With SpotCam you don’t have an extra cost if you are ok with the 24 hour cloud playback. Now if you need more than that SpotCam does offer 3-day ($3.95/month, $39-year), 7-day ($5.95/month, $59-year), and 30-day ($19.95/month, $199-year) plans.

The next thing is that you can access the camera from both the web and an app. Many cameras out there only offer access from an app. Having web access is nice as you can have your camera up on a screen for live viewing, which is much better than having to have your phone open all of the time if you are monitoring something.

Now talking about web access and the app, not much has changed from when I reviewed the SpotCam HD back in 2015. The functionality is pretty much the same and overall the app does feel a little dated. I have definitely used better apps that are easier to use. Also the quality of the camera itself is just ok, nothing to write home about. I again have used security cameras that have had a better quality HD image. The image from the Eva 2 is fine, you can easily see what is going on, but say compared to a Wyze Cam the quality is not as good.

Right now the SpotCam Eva 2 is selling at our favorite online retailer for $49, which seems like a fair price for what you are getting. Overall ThinkComputers gives the SpotCam Eva 2 Security Camera an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Easy to set up
– Pan / tilt function
– Can use an app or access via the web
– Free 24 hour cloud playback

– App seems dated
– Image quality could be better

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