Star Citizen Hits $100 Million in Crowdfunding

Who says crowdfunding does not work? We have the first $100 million game, Star Citizen. The game comes from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. The news of the $100 million mark hit last night after the games developer Cloud Imperium Games released the 2.0 version of the Star Citizen Alpha.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen started its crowdfunding on Kickstarter looking to raise $500,000, which it went on to raise $2.1 million. This promoted the creators of the game to launch an on-going crowdfunding campaign on its own site, which became a massive success. By August of last year the game has raised $500 million, and that was finally doubled last night! Much of this money comes from backers buying virtual spaceships, some of which cost thousands of dollars. Recently a gamer spent $30,000, yes $30,000 on the game!

The game itself consists of multiple parts, which are called modules. These include FPS combat, multiplayer dogfighting, and a story-driver single player campaign. Check out the video below to see what the 2.0 Alpha is all about.

The studio says, “This release should give you your first taste of Star Citizen’s future.”

Source: The Verge | News Archive

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