Steam Bundles Will Be Cheaper If You Already Own Some Of The Titles

It looks like Steam is going to be changing the way they offer game bundles. According to a report by PCGamesN if you happen to already own a game or number of games in the bundle that is being offered the price of the bundle will be lowered.


According to PCGamesN this is Valve’s official explanation, “With Steam Bundles, if a customer already [owns] some items in the Bundle, they will pay for and receive only the items not already in their account. This allows the best fans of your series or franchise to ‘complete the set’ and get a deal on the remaining items in the Bundle.”

This is great because sometimes when you would buy a bundle and already owned the game you would get a duplicate copy that would just sit there, and of course you paid for that duplicate copy. This way the games you already own are removed from the bundle and the overall price of the bundle will be dropped. Valve expanded on this, “Past Complete Packs were sometimes a bad deal for customers that already [owned] one or more of the products in the pack. Either it made bad economic sense for those customers to purchase the pack, or they just felt bad about doing so since it [looked] like they were paying for products they already [had]. The new Steam Bundles system addresses this.”

This new bundle system is already in place according to PCGamesN, who have tested it already with the Headup Games Complete Bundle. The price of the bundle is £37.01. Owning one of the game in the bundle it down to £35.823, while owning a few of them dropped the price (and some of the games from the bundle) down to £29.77.

This is a huge win for gamers, what do you think?

Source: PCGamesN | News Archive

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