Steam Deck Can Support a 61.44TB External Enterprise SSD

You can now utilize both the 61.44TB Solidigm P5336 enterprise SSD and the handheld gaming device, the Steam Deck. Nevertheless, there are a few minor considerations that need attention.

The Steam Deck is a portable device with the capability to run multiple PC operating systems, such as SteamOS and Windows. Valve has emphasized that the Deck is not solely a gaming device; it is a fully functional personal computer capable of a wide range of tasks. While it can interface with various peripherals, some may require additional configuration steps to function properly.

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The built-in M.2 slot offers flexibility for connecting different devices through adapters, and the system can still be booted from a USB drive. The team at StorageReview decided to experiment with a U.2 to M.2 adapter and connect a high-capacity enterprise SSD, and surprisingly, the process was quite simple, resulting in a successful modification.

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The Solidigm P5336 storage departs from the standard M.2 NVMe or 2.5-inch desktop SSD design and employs a unique connector, making it incompatible for direct attachment to the Steam Deck. To make it work, an adapter is necessary, but you’ll also need two additional components.

StorageReview Valv Steam Deck 60Tb Solidigm

Both the storage enclosure and the power supply are essential, as the storage device requires 25W of power, which the Deck cannot provide without compromising its own performance. Once the drive is installed in the enclosure and the power supply is connected and configured to supply a constant power source, the Deck can then detect and fully utilize the additional storage space.

The website conducted brief tests, revealing a sequential read speed of 3.6 GB/s and a write speed of 2.3 GB/s with the Solidigm P5336 enterprise SSD. However, it’s important to note that after formatting, the available storage is reduced to only 55.7 TB, so gamers considering this modification should keep that limitation in mind.

60tb SteamDeck

Despite the constraints, this modification showcases the boundless potential for expanding the capabilities of the Steam Deck. Users have the freedom to interchange controller components, screens, and even add extra memory to the device. While Valve may not explicitly endorse these modifications, the system’s popularity, along with the wide availability of tools, components, and instructional resources, certainly encourages such endeavors. It’s worth mentioning that the Steam Deck itself is relatively affordable, starting at just $350, which is only about a tenth of the cost of the 61TB storage being discussed.

Source: Storage Review