Steam Deck Now Has Over 12,000 Playable/Verified Titles!

Valve’s Steam Deck stands out as one of the limited options for contemporary handheld gaming PCs on the market, and it offers an attractive price point at £349, making it more budget-friendly than competitors like the ROG Ally or Lenovo Legion. As the Steam Deck’s popularity grows, Valve has been actively working to ensure compatibility with a wide range of titles.

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They have been testing and categorizing games as either “Playable” or “Verified,” creating a list that now includes over 12,000 games. This allows Steam Deck owners to easily identify which games they can enjoy on their handheld device.

As reported by gamingonlinux, the list of games on Steam categorized as either “Verified” or “Playable” for the Steam Deck has now exceeded 12,000 titles. Data from SteamDB reveals that 8,039 games are labeled as “Steam Deck Playable,” and 4,061 games fall under the “Steam Deck Verified” category, making a total of 12,100 games. While this may not encompass the entire Steam game library, it represents a substantial collection.

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Although it’s promising to witness extensive testing for the Steam Deck, it’s essential to acknowledge that the Verified system is not entirely foolproof. There are instances where Verified titles don’t perform as expected, while some “Unsupported” titles work flawlessly. Valve’s transparency regarding the criteria for these ratings remains somewhat unclear. Nonetheless, it’s a positive development to observe this ongoing effort.

Via Gamingonlinux