Steam Deck OLED Now Supports Display Refresh Rate Up To 120hz Via New Mod

A recently available Steam Deck mod, downloadable online, broadens the device’s refresh rate choices, supporting up to 120Hz for the latest OLED model. The Steam Deck Refresh Rate Expander, accessible for download Here, extends refresh rates to 70Hz for the standard LCD model and up to 120Hz for the BOE and SDC OLED models. However, it’s important to note that the mod hasn’t undergone testing on devices featuring a Samsung panel.

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Despite the overall functionality of the new Steam Deck, certain concerns have surfaced. Reports suggest that gamma and brightness issues arise when the refresh rate exceeds 110Hz. Interestingly, increasing the screen’s refresh rate doesn’t significantly affect the battery life, rendering it a favorable choice for streaming games, indies, and older games capable of achieving high framerates within the device’s specifications.

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Valve’s successful console sees its second hardware revision with the introduction of the Steam Deck OLED. This version boasts an HDR OLED display, offering impressive contrast, vivid clarity, and an expanded picture. Enhancements include extended battery life, improved thermals, Wifi 6E support, enhanced touchscreen responsiveness, updated memory, and more. For further details on the device, refer to its official website.