Steam Now Shows Which Games Have Native Support For DualShock And DualSense Controllers

Valve has rolled out a new Steam update, streamlining the process of finding games compatible with various controllers. While it was already convenient to locate games supporting Xbox controllers, Valve has enhanced this feature, making it a breeze to find games compatible with both the DualSense and its predecessor, the DualShock.

In an enhanced controller-friendly hub, Steam users now have the ability to browse the extensive game library based on controller type. The system automatically defaults to the controller used most recently by the user, with the additional option to customize filters.

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Accompanying the announcement, Valve shares data regarding controller usage among its playerbase. Remarkably, the company reveals that only about 12% of “active players” on Steam consistently use gamepads. This seemingly low figure is contextualized by the fact that the predominant share of active players on Steam engages in PC-centric games such as Dota 2, Lost Ark, and Baldur’s Gate 3, along with competitive FPS titles like Counter-Strike 2, PUBG, and Apex Legends—where mouse-and-keyboard controls are more prevalent.

Curious about the choice of a PlayStation controller over a PC-native pad or an Xbox device? Reasons abound—perhaps some users also own a PlayStation system and wish to use the controller for gaming. Alternatively, they might be drawn to the unique features of DualShock or DualSense, such as the touchpad. Some may just prefer the layout or feel in their hand. Whatever the motivation, if PlayStation pads hold appeal for you, celebrate the latest Steam update.

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Additional updates in the new version include a notification when developers suggest using gamepads, a shortcut for gamepad configuration on games’ library pages, a more distinct notification for games requiring a gamepad, and improved launch process steps that clarify the usage of Steam Input—a set of changes that users are likely to appreciate.

Via Steam