SteelSeries Ghost Collection (Apex 7 TKL + Aerox 3 Wireless) Review


When you plug in either the keyboard, mouse, or mouse dongle you’ll be asked to download the SteelSeries GG software. We will mainly be focusing on the Engine section of the software. In the Engine section you should see all of the SteelSeries devices you have connected to your PC. On the Aerox 3 Wireless section it does show you the battery level of the mouse and how it is connected. You can also easily set each configuration for your devices from a drop-down menu.

steelseries ghost ss1

Clicking into the Aerox 3 Wireless brings up a configuration window. Here is where we can really set all of the different key bindings and settings. All of the buttons on the mouse are of course reprogrammable and we can set the 5 different DPI levels on the mouse.

steelseries ghost ss2

When it comes to reprogramming the mouse you can of course select other mouse buttons, keyboard buttons, macros, media controls, launch applications, Windows shortcuts, and more. There is also a built-in macro editor that allows you to easily create and store your macros. These macros will work across all of your SteelSeries devices.

steelseries ghost ss3

We can switch to Illumination settings by pressing the Illumination tab. Here we can see that there are three different lighting zone on the mouse and we can configure each of them individually.

steelseries ghost ss4

Clicking into the Apex 7 TKL we are first brought to the Key Bindings section. Here we can reprogram all of the keys on the keyboard.

steelseries ghost ss5

The next tab is Meta Bindings. Here you can set secondary functions for your keys. So when you press and hold the SteelSeries key on the keyboard each key now has a secondary function.

steelseries ghost ss6

Under the Illumination tab we can set different lighting effects. You can set a base effect or per-key illumination and there are quite a few different effects to choose from.

steelseries ghost ss7

The last tab is OLED & Settings. Here we can change the OLED image and set the keyboard region.

steelseries ghost ss8

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