SteelSeries Ghost Collection (Apex 7 TKL + Aerox 3 Wireless) Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

The Ghost Collection from SteelSeries takes two of their most popular products and turns them into something that is really going to set off your PC setup. If you are a fan of RGB and have been looking for a keyboard and mouse combo to take your setup to the next level the Ghost Collection from SteelSeries really is it! The color choices on both the keyboard and mouse are great and of course you have the PBT pudding keycaps on the keyboard and opaque frame on the mouse. I’m just a bit disappointed SteelSeries did not come out with a matching headset and mouse mat.

SteelSeries Ghost Collection

Now these are not just products that look cool, they perform quite well too. Starting with the Apex 7 TKL keyboard it has a solid design with an aluminum top plate, mechanical key switches, and of course those double-shot PBT pudding keycaps. The keyboard is extremely comfortable to use not only when gaming, but just normal typing as well. The wrist rest is one of the best that I’ve used and I love that its magnetic. The addition of the OLED screen is nice and with the SteelSeries software you can really do quite a lot with it. I was a little bit bummed that the cable on this keyboard is not detachable as a custom-made coiled cable would have really made my setup look even better. Also it is worth noting that the print screen, scroll lock, and number lock keys are missing from this keyboard. I use print screen basically daily so I ended up having to reprogram another key as the print screen command.

The Aerox 3 Wireless is probably the best wireless mouse that I’ve ever used. From the lightweight design to its overall feel this mouse is not leaving my desk anytime soon! The sensor was extremely accurate in my testing and using the mouse in the 2.4 GHz mode I did not notice any type of input lag or anything like that. For someone who mainly plays FPS games and has a finger grip the mouse is all you’ll ever need. The battery life was quite good, SteelSeries says you’ll get up to 200 hours. Charging is via a USB-C connection on the front of the mouse, which is not as convenient as what we saw on the Razer Viper Ultimate, but this allows for the mouse to really be as light as possible at only 68 grams.

The SteelSeries software is quite in-depth and really allows you to fully customize both the mouse and keyboard. There is also a lot of 3rd-party add-ons in the software to add different effects to your devices and the OLED screen on the keyboard.

Right now you can pick up the Apex 7 TKL Ghost Edition for $149.99 and the Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost Edition for $99.99. Sadly it does not appear that this is a combo pack where you could possibly save a few bucks by getting both together. Overall this is one of the best implementations from a mainstream manufactuer to really showcase RGB on a keyboard and mouse that I’ve seen. Overall ThinkComputers gives the SteelSeries Ghost Collection a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 TC award recommended

– Both keyboard and mouse are extremely comfortable
– Excellent color design on both the keyboard and mouse
– Mouse is only 68 grams
– Double-shot PBT pudding keycaps on the keyboard
– Great software
– Cool OLED screen on keyboard

– USB cable not detachable on keyboard
– No print screen, scroll lock, and number lock keys on keyboard

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