Story of John Carmack and John Romero Being Turned Into a TV Show

If you are a fan of Doom or Quake you should be excited for this! USA Network has confirmed a pilot order for Masters of Doom, which is the story of John Carmack and John Romero. The actual book was published in 2003 and details Carmack’s and Romero’s joint success in founding id Software and them turning into rivals due to clashing personalities and ideologies. Masters of Doom documents their part in shaping video game history and creating one of the most important games for first-person shooters.

masters of doom

Master of Doom will be produced by Dave and James Franco. Tom Bissell will be the primary writer as well as executive producer. He is known for his award-winning work on Gears of War as well as Battlefield and Uncharted.

While USA Network has only ordered a pilot, if it does get picked up the first season would be the original story of Doom and following seasons would be cover pivotal moments in video game history. The release date for the series has not been announced.

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