Swiftech H220 Water Cooling System Review

Final Thoughts
So what does it take to produce the best AIO cooling system on the market?  Well it helps to have over 10 years of experience in liquid cooling, but I think it could be best attributed to the 3 years of R&D that Swiftech has invested into this product.  What we have here is a masterpiece of critical thinking and engineering coming together to give us an extraordinary cooling product.

The list of accolades could go on and on.  It would have been enough to make simply the best performing unit.  But Swiftech adds to that by making it virtually silent, and puts it together in a package that has everything you need.  Making the kit expandable was like winning the lottery after getting you already got your dream girl.

And wait there is one thing more: price.  This unit is a measly $139.99 USD!  I have to tell you as an avid water cooler that point there is about enough to make me cry.  To think of the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars I have spent on custom loops, when this is very nearly their equal.  It’s, well, depressing to say the least.

There are of course a couple of downsides to this cooler.  For one you will of course need space and adequate airflow for a 240mm radiator.  Having all G1/4 fittings would have been nice, considering the barbs that are on the unit aren’t really the best.  And the washer’s intended to hold the screws in place don’t really work.  As one of the most innovative cooling products to hit the market this year, ThinkComputers gives the Swiftech H220 a score of 10 out of 10.

rating10 10 small

-Price is spot on
-Performance is unequaled at this level
-Noise is very minimal
-Ease of use

-Not all fittings are replaceable with G1/4 ones
-Screws are not locked into the wings of the block well

Remember to keep checking ThinkComputers.org for our further in depth review of the expandability of the Swiftech H220!