Syber Shifts Case Design Geometry with Cube Pro 200

Traditionally Syber has been known for its standard rectangular box design PC case. While that chassis design is proven, cube case designs offer a lot of new opportunities for innovation and creativity. With three massive tempered glass panels on the front and sides the Cube Pro 200 is perfect for playing around with ARGB lighting. There is room for up to four fans or two 280 rads in the front allowing you to put more light up there as well. In the gaps between panels you’ll find RGB strips already installed. This cube comes with a pedestal that displays a full ATX motherboard at a slight angle but nearly flat like a test bench. If the pedestal isn’t your thing it can be placed upright without it. This is a case built with plenty of space to have watercooling added by the pros at Syber.

Syber Cube Pro 200 Syber Cube Pro 200

Sybers Cube Pro 200 is available to be configured and built now at