Synology DS-212+ Network Attached Storage Device Review

Final Thoughts
The Synology DS-212+ is a great next iteration of the DS-2xx+ series. It’s an incremental upgrade that bumps up the processor speed, drops eSATA in favor of USB 3.0, and decreases power consumption.

DS-211+ users shouldn’t run out and get the DS-212+ unless one or more of the three upgraded features are enough to warrant the purchase. The power consumption alone isn’t enough for a home or business user to upgrade, as the saved electricity would take years to return the purchase price.

Other users looking to upgrade an aging device or break into home or small business storage should definitely consider the Synology DS-212+, as it is certainly among the best in its class. It runs around $450 from most online retailers that have it in stock. The similarly-aimed QNAP model, the TS-259, is approximately $100 more expensive and consumes more power through its 1.8 GHz Atom processor, although ThinkComputers has not reviewed the TS-259 yet.

ThinkComputers gives the Synology DS-212+ Network Attached Storage Device a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small


  • Control panel is the best in the NAS industry
  • Fantastic NFS performance
  • SD card slot great for photographers


  • Front cover is not secure, drives easily removed

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