T-Force Vulcan G Solid State Drive Review

Testing – CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD

Crystal Disk Mark is a simple performance test that gives not only gives sequential read and write results but also 512k and 4k random read and write tests. In Crystal Disk Mark, our 512 GB T-Force Vulcan G SSD achieved a sequential read speed of 557.8 MB/s and a sequential write speed of 517.4 MB/s.

vulcan g ssd Crystal disk mark

AS SSD Benchmark is a simple and portable utility which helps you measure the effectiveness and performance of any solid-state (SSD) drives connected to your system. It will test “Seq”, “4K”, “4K-64Thrd” and Access Time. In the end, it will give your SSD a score. 4K tests the read/write abilities by access random 4K blocks while the Sequential test measures how fast the drive can read a 1GB file. For AS SSD, we ran the SSD Benchmark, the Copy Benchmark, and the Endurance Benchmark.  In the SD benchmark in AS SSD, our T-Force Vulcan G SSD achieved a sequential read speed of 525.48 MB/s and a sequential write speed of 478.64 MB/s.

Vulcan G SSD as ssd

The Copy benchmark in AS SSD tests the speed and time of three types of files, an ISO file, a program file, and a game. Our T-Force Vulcan G SSD transferred an ISO file in .89 seconds at a speed of 1202.99 MB.s/ The program file was transferred in 1.36 seconds at a speed of 1037.87 MB/s. Finally, the game file was transferred in 1.64 seconds at a speed of 841.82 MB/s.

vulcan g ssd AS SSD Copy benchmark

The graph below shows the AS SSD compression benchmark results for the T-Force Vulcan G SSD. When the test is run, you can hover over any point on the lines on the graph and see what the actual results were for that point. However, I was unable to take a screenshot showing this.

Vulcan G ssd as ssd compression