GeIL ORION DDR4-3600 16GB Memory Kit Review

GeIL recently introduced their new ORION DDR4 memory, which they say is designed for content creators and gamers. First thing about these kits that you’ll notice is that they do not have RGB lighting, which might be appealing to a lot of people that are done with RGB. Beyond that we actually received the “AMD Edition” of the memory which is specifically designed for the AMD Ryzen platform. GeIL offers these kits up to 64GB and speeds up to 4000 MHz. Today we will be taking a look at the GAOR416GB3600C18BDC kit, which is a 16GB (2x8GB) kit running at 3600 MHz with timings of 8-22-22-42 at 1.35V. Let’s take a look!

Special thanks to GeIL for providing us with the ORION DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit to review.


geil orion specs


The GeIL ORION memory comes in a very nice box, which is a nice change from the sort of large blister-pack style packaging we are used to seeing memory come in. On the front we have a picture of the memory and we have a Ryzen sticker to let us know we have “AMD Edition”.

GeIL ORION DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit

Flipping over to the back there is a sticker that lets us know which kit we have and the specifications. There is also a cut-out on the box to verify the kit inside is in fact the kit that is being advertised.

GeIL ORION DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit

Getting everything out of the box all you’ll find is your two DIMMs, each in their own protective blister pack.

GeIL ORION DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit

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