GeIL ORION DDR4-3600 16GB Memory Kit Review


The easiest way to overclock memory is to simply change the frequency divider in the BIOS. To achieve the best overclock we try to stay with the timings that the XMP profile recommends. If we run into any issues we will bump up the voltage to see if we can get our system to boot and become stable.

The XMP profile puts this kit at 3600 MHz. In the BIOS I started moving up the frequency divider without changing the timings or voltage. I was able to get up to 3800 MHz without changing anything. Even at 3800 MHz the kit was not exactly stable, while we were able to run most of our memory tests each time we ran 3DMark it would error out giving us the message “The test run was cancelled by the user”, which was weird as 3DMark ran just fine at 3600 MHz.

So we decided to settle for 3800 MHz without changing voltage or timings.

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