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CES 2017 – ROCCAT’s First Wireless Mouse and New Owl-Eye Sensor

Owl-Eye, that's the name of ROCCAT's new sensor in their 2017 mouse lineup. It is a 12,000dpi sensor that was developed in conjunction with PixArt, and its sensitivity can be adjusted in 100dpi increments from 100 - 12,000. ROCCAT's new mice consist of Kone Pure 2017, Kone EMP, and Leadr. Most people are familiar with ROCCAT's Kone line, but Leadr is ROCCAT's first wireless mouse.

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TP-LINK SR20 Aims To Be Ultimate IoT Hub

A full-featured connected home would be awesome, but there are so many products and standards, each requiring its own hub and supported devices, that it is confusing and difficult to setup. TP-LINK wants to give consumers the confidence that whatever they buy will work in their home, which is why they created SR20. It is an IoT hub with a built-in AC1900 router that will work with Zigbee, Z-Wave or Wi-Fi devices.

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Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Review

If you are anything like me then you absolutely cannot not use your laptop’s track pad to do any sort of work. Even if you are not like me using a mouse with a laptop is a lot more comfortable. Well our friends from Choiix may have the perfect portable mouse for you. The Choiix Cruiser is a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse that is small and can be used on pretty much any surface, which makes it perfect for laptop users that are on the go. Read on to check it out!

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