Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Review

If you are anything like me then you absolutely cannot not use your laptop’s track pad to do any sort of work. Even if you are not like me using a mouse with a laptop is a lot more comfortable. Well our friends from Choiix may have the perfect portable mouse for you. The Choiix Cruiser is a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse that is small and can be used on pretty much any surface, which makes it perfect for laptop users that are on the go. Read on to check it out!

Special thanks to Choiix for providing us with the Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse to review.

• Slim and streamlined design, perfect for people on the go
• Adjustable height for a perfectly ergonomic grip
• 2.4G wireless mouse technology cuts through environmental interference and provides an extended operational distance
• 1600 dpi high-definition provides quick and precise tracking
• Automatic sleep mode and on/off management for extended battery life of 4-6 months depending on frequency of use
• Snap-in nano receiver is easily stored in mouse body
• 2 x AAA batteries

Direction / Buttons: 3D/ 3Keys
DPI Resolution: 1600 dpi
RF Technical: 2.4G Hz
Batteries type: 2×AAA
Dimension: 98(L)×57(W)×31.5(H) mm
Interface: USB

The Cruiser mouse comes in a very nice retail package. The front is clear and gives you a good look at the mouse you are buying. It also lets us know this is the value pack that comes with a free mouse pad. On the back there is information about both the mouse and the mouse pad.

Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

Opening the package up inside you will find the Cruiser mouse, mouse pad, Micro-USB adapter, 2 AAA batteries, and the user’s manual.

Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

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