Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Review

Usage & Testing
Getting the mouse setup is extremely simple. First install the 2 AAA batteries and turn the mouse on. Then take the Micro-USB adapter and plug it into an open USB port on your laptop. If you are using Windows the adapter will instantly be recognized and the drivers will be installed automatically. From there you should be able to start using the Cruiser mouse. I didn’t have to hit the connect button at all.

Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Choiix Cruiser 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

So as we move into testing there are a few different categories and ways we test mice, but most of it is basic usage.

The Cruiser mouse is at first a bit weird when you start using it. Because it is not as curved at the back like other mice I am used to. After a while, with all things I became used to it so it was not a big deal. The non-slip rubber coating really makes things comfortable; so many laptop mice have a simple plastic covering on them. I really like that I was able to pop-up the mouse for a different feel. I tended to use the Cruiser in the down position when surfing the web and doing general tasks and used it in the up position when gaming and doing photo editing.

I really enjoyed using the Cruiser mouse and after the break-in period there were really no issues with the mouse at all. The 1600DPI optical sensor is what most people really need these days unless you are doing some hardcore gaming. I mouse was very responsive and I never lost connection once or had it miss a single click.

The Cruiser is a very small mouse, which is perfect for users that are on the go. The mouse is small enough to fit into pretty much any laptop bag although a nice carrying cause would have been a nice addition. I really like that there is a carrying compartment for the Micro-USB adapter. This makes it easy to always have with you and makes sure you will never lose it.

The Mouse Pad
The included mouse pad works very well with the cruiser mouse. The mouse pad is not the typical size of other mouse pads as it is a bit smaller, but for a notebook mouse pad it does the job. The mouse glides easily over the surface and it has a coating on the bottom that allows it to stick to the surface you are using it on.

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