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Fractal Design Telsa R2 650W Power Supply Review

Not that long ago we took a look at our first power supply from Fractal Design, the Newton R3 600W.  While that unit sits as Fractal Design’s top tier power supply today we are checking out one of their more mainstream units the Telsa R2 650W power supply.  While this power supply is not modular it still features an 80PLUS Gold certification, single 12V rail, and a temperature controlled 135mm cooling fan.  The Tesla R2 still has the same great looks we saw on the Newton R3, but can it perform?  Read on as we find out!

Power SuppliesReviews

In Win GreenMe 650W Power Supply Review

Today we’ll be looking at one of the first eco-friendly power supplies that we’ve ever reviewed. The In Win GreenMe series features a unique combination of eco-friendly packaging and product components to make any “green” fan rejoice. This white power supply also makes a nice change of pace to those standard black power supplies we’re used to. Read on further to take a look.

Power SuppliesReviews

Antec EarthWatts Platinum 650W Power Supply Review

It seems lately many companies have been coming out with power supplies that are very efficient and are made to be installed and just forgot about.  Well Antec has had a line of power supplies like this for a long time, the EarthWatts series.  Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the newest power supplies in the EarthWatts line the Platinum 650W.  This 650W power supply has an 80PLUS Platinum certification, the highest efficiency mark for power supplies.  With this power supply you will ge 92% efficiency at 50% load and 89% efficiency at 100% load.  Read on as we take it through the paces.

Power SuppliesReviews

Seasonic X Series 650W Modular Power Supply Review

The Seasonic X series is the Taiwanese OEM power supply establishment's first commercial retail series to achieve 80PLUS Gold certification. This means that the unit is 87% efficient at 20%, 50%, and 100% load. It supports multiple video cards, and uses a patented system which supplies at a lower amperage the same power using a voltage regulation module. ThinkComputers has the review of the 650W version, a medium-wattage, modular unit.

Power SuppliesReviews

Bgears b-Tarantula 650 Watt Power Supply Review

Today I will be looking at an 80Plus 650 watter by bgears, the b-Tarantula. Sporting a 135mm fan, a pair of +12v rails at 20A, and a different style of modular construction called "SmartFlex Cable Management", this power supply has up to 86% efficiency. Will the Tarantula do the trick? Read on to see! bgears has been around since early 2005, originally under the name Bluegears. Due to some confusion with several other technology companies with the name "Bluegear", they decided to change their name to bgears in 2007. Besides power supplies, bgears has a wide variety of products, including sound cards, cases, coolers, peripherals, fans, and fan controllers. They also distribute products of their European partners under the names Revoltec and be-Quiet.

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