TeamGroup Launches G70 And G50 SSDs With Upto 7,400MB/s Reads And 6,800MB/s Write Speeds

Today, TeamGroup expands its lineup of high-speed solid-state drives (SSDs) with the introduction of four new models: T-Force G70 Pro, T-Force G70, T-Force G50 Pro, and T-Force G50. All four families of drives share PCI Express 4.0 technology and employ an Innogrit controller. The key difference lie in their top speeds and exclusive features, particularly present in the Pro models.

Talking about the fastest options, the T-Force G70 Pro and T-Force G70 achieve impressive maximum speeds, reaching up to 7,400MB/s for sequential reads and 6,800MB/s for sequential writes. These sequential metrics are applicable to both the 4TB and 2TB capacity variants.


In the 1TB version, simultaneous with achieving speeds of up to 7,400MB/s for reads, it maintains nearly comparable write speeds at 6,200MB/s. Additionally, the 512GB model boasts an impressive 7,200MB/s for sequential reads, but experiences a notable drop to 2,600MB/s for sequential writes, a substantial decrease compared to the other models.

How do the Pro and non-Pro models differ? The Pro model swaps the graphene heatsink for a thicker aluminum counterpart, maintaining compatibility with the PlayStation 5. Pro variants also feature an undisclosed amount of DRAM cache, in addition to the SLC caching supported by both Pro and non-Pro models.

teamgroup t force g50 pro ssd

Meanwhile, the T-Force G50 Pro and T-Force G50 showcase speeds that align with the early generation of PCIe 4 SSDs upon their introduction. The G50 series also reaches its maximum capacity at 2TB.

Via TeamGroup