Technology That is Improving Our Lives

The advances in technology have made a huge impact on our lives, that our behaviors have had to respond and evolve with it to keep up with the pace. Working habits and routines have changed beyond recognition, the strict regimen of 9-5 has been kicked to the curb, as the cloud has reinvigorated business practices to enable business to be conducted from anywhere with an internet connection. Our personal lives have been enhanced through social media platform that allows instant messaging and images to be published, and apps that connect us face-to-face with friends and family across the globe. Here are 3 ways that technology is being used to improve lives.

  1. Voice Command Technology

The senior members of our society have not been brought up with the technology that younger generations have been exposed to, and yet the latest technologies available to the public can be used to certainly better their lives. Although the current offerings of voice command technology such as the Google Home and the Amazon Echo will more than likely be considered prototype by the end of the year, they are a great addition to any person’s home. The ability for the Home or Echo to be asked to make telephone calls, for example, means that should a person have a fall, or need an ambulance, they can call one. The technology can also be used to remind us to lock the doors before bed and a whole host of other important requests – all surpassed, of course, by the ability to play Elvis Presley or Glenn Miller on demand.

  1. Tracking Software

In the nineties, there was the trend for a key fob that beeped in response to whistles to help locate lost keys, but this trend was short-lived: the batteries died, you had to use the right pitch to activate a response, and some people just can’t whistle. Move forward to 2018 and you now have a Bluetooth tracker option. Not only can this technology be used for keys but for errant pets who have poor recall, luggage, and more. All you need is a small tile that is attached to the item you wish to track, Bluetooth capabilities on your phone and a downloadable app; read a comprehensive tile tracker review to find out more.

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become an essential part of simulated training for surgeons. The ability for surgeons to practice complex procedures within a virtually created environment is driving an increase of successful operations. Not only can virtual reality be used to better the efficacy of surgery, but also provides the chance for the surgeon’s skills to be evaluated, and, therefore, improved upon without much risk. Perhaps virtual reality will deem the use of cadavers for trainee surgeons a thing of the past, but in the meantime, it is being used to improve upon medical procedures and the life of the patients.

We take for granted the computers and technology that we use daily, but the impact on our lives that advances in technology can make should never be undervalued. Whether you use technology to help a senior relative to continue to live a more independent life, or simply to help you find those items that you regularly mislay, technology makes a difference.

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