The best tricks to try on your personal computer right now

Computers are straight up workhorses. As technology gathers momentum and new computers come standard with faster processors and better GPU’s, which render optimized visual experiences on 4K monitors, humanity continues to find more interesting ways to use tech.


If your an office grunt; chances are you’re running your computer on an infinite loop of common processing tasks. Whether you’re constantly involved in spreadsheets, databases or if you lean towards direct word processing; a computer is capable of so much more.


Today’s computers are packed with high-end tech that is capable of some amazing feats. Most business use computer tech daily, to produce work that keeps their operations running. If you like to think outside the box, enjoy the thrill of thinking-entertainment such as the online Blackjack Canada has to offer and love stumbling upon amazing computer tricks, then you will love these nifty features that you can try with your personal computer.


The YouTube Trick 


If you harness the power of the Internet; ten to one you’ve discovered the biggest time killer in the office, YouTube. It’s the World Wide Web Of videos and you can discover just about anything on the site. From music videos to how to guides, YouTube is this generations Achilles heel in the office arena.


The only trouble with YouTube is that you need a constant connection to watch your favourite videos. There are an array of sites that allure users with the promise of high definition downloadable content, but they often disappoint with their minimalistic quality.


If you want to download true high definition content from YouTube there is a simple trick to do this. Instead of typing the YouTube URL into the URL bar add keep to the URL. The Internet will direct you to a YouTubeKeep page that allows for options to download videos directly from YouTube.


Download Classic Movies For Free 


Are you a sucker for golden oldies? Many classic films such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy are available completely free online. The reason you’re able to download these golden oldie films for free is because these films are so old that they have fallen out of copyright.


If classic films intrigue you, then you will love this piece of computer tech advice. To download classics for free have a look at a legal cinema archive. Users opting to download classic films for free from such an archive should also make use of a torrent client such as Vuze to access the content.


Stream Your Favourite Channels 


One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is the fact that it keeps the world interconnected 24/7, 365. If you feel like you’re missing out in some of your favourite television programming because of your fast paced life then there is hope.


You can stream live TV from just about anywhere with the power of portable tech that connects to the Internet seamlessly. There are many broadcasters that stream their content live, you simply have to plug in.


To stream your favourite channels go to WWITV, which features a database of over 3000 channels. All you have to do is select your country and channel of choice to jack into your television programming of choice.


Play Almost Any File With VLC 


If you’ve ever received a video file that’s making you itch at the very thought of watching it, then Windows Media Player slaps you with a spoiler alert because it refuses to play the content; you’re not alone.


Media Player can be sensitive at the best of times and simply won’t play anything encoded differently from traditional media. Luckily you can download VLC media player from VideoLan. VLC player can play an extensive range of video formats and will leave you playing content like a king again.

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