Tecno Introduces World’s First Water Cooled Mini PC And More At IFA 2023

Tecno showcased its innovative capabilities at the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) from September 1st to 5th, 2023, where they revealed two groundbreaking concept devices: the Water-Cooling MEGA MINI Gaming PC and the Phantom Ultimate rollable smartphone, both being touted as “world-firsts.”

During the exhibition, Tecno’s display design, centered around the “Dazzling Youth” theme, truly caught the eye. Tecno’s presence was defined by thrilling product launches, engaging presentations of their standout products, and immersive encounters that left a lasting impact on the tech world. By prioritizing the ever-changing demands and trends of consumers, Tecno’s participation at IFA Berlin 2023 demonstrated their commitment to enhancing the landscape of mobile technology within the smart ecosystem.

World’s First Mini Water-Cooling Gaming PC Concept

Tecno has unveiled the world’s first and most compact water-cooled gaming Mini PC concept model. This revolutionary device embodies the zenith of gaming technology, incorporating cutting-edge X86 architecture CPUs that seamlessly combine a potent CPU with discrete graphics, all within the compact confines of a Mini PC chassis.



Under the “Dazzling Youth” theme, Tecno’s debut of the MEGABOOK T1 2023 14-inch laptop, featuring a substantial battery, and the TECNO MEGABOOK S1 Dazzling Edition, which incorporates Tecno’s exclusive “photochromic Technology” for a dynamic color-changing surface, both earned the esteemed “Best of IFA” accolades from prominent tech media outlets.


Furthermore, Tecno’s flagship AIoT product, the TRUE 1 TWS earphones, renowned for their 42dB ANC noise cancellation and remarkable 45-hour battery life, received recognition from IFA’s official media partner, Guiding Tech, and was honored with the “Best of IFA” award.

TECNO OneLeap Seamless Connection

Since 2019, Tecno has been actively pursuing the establishment of a digital product ecosystem through the introduction of its AIoT business strategy. This strategy is designed to transform the digital lifestyles of its target consumers, motivating them to create improved lives. During the exhibition, Tecno presented its product ecosystem, primarily focused on intelligent smartphones and laptops. They also introduced the OneLeap Seamless Connection, which empowers users to construct highly efficient processing workflows. This is achieved through a convenient three-finger right swipe gesture that enables wireless file, image, and video transfers, delivering a remarkably efficient and user-friendly experience.

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Images: Tecno