The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Even just 10 years ago it would have been hard to imagine just how many ways we can access the internet. From smartphones to tablets and beyond, it’s now possible to reach out online no matter where you are, and for businesses, that fact is becoming increasingly important. While you no doubt already understand the need for a website that is easy to navigate and packed with a variety of content formats, it can be easy to forget that all of your efforts will come to nothing if consumers are unable to appreciate it when they’re browsing on their phones. Prioritizing mobile-friendly web design is becoming increasingly essential as the user-base grows, and so you need to adapt to stay current.

User Experience is the goal

Being directed to a site that fails to load quickly, or is difficult to navigate, is the biggest concern for converting your site to mobile-friendliness. If your site looks unorganized, it takes just seconds for a user to close it down and move on. When up to 60% of people with smartphones admit that they have abandoned a website in the last year because of browsing issues on company websites, then you know that the problem is not going to simply go away.

It’s about time

You only have a short amount of time to attract a customer, and the longer that you can keep them on your site, the more chance you have of making a sale. This is even more relevant when we consider the mobile market because people are able to check out your website no matter where they are or what are doing. If your site visitors can browse through your web pages and read or watch your content with ease, then they are going to have a much more positive experience with your business, and that’s the key to converting their visit into a paying transaction.

The change is now

If you were hoping that the presence of the mobile web is just a trend that will fade away, then the bad news is that it’s not going anywhere. For convenience alone, the smartphone has become an essential part of daily life, and it’s now simply a matter for businesses to keep up. There are predictions that over the next few years, the mobile web will be more commonly used than PC internet, and that’s good news for businesses, giving them access to customers no matter where they are. It can be a challenge to adapt to change, which is why it is highly recommended that you make use of professional businesses like Blackbelt Commerce, who can guide your digital transformation and ensure that your website works as smoothly on a PC as it does on an iPhone.

If you want to gain an edge over your competition, then ensuring that your website is mobile friendly is an easy first step to take. Too many businesses fail to adapt to the changing presence and popularity of mobile browsing, so making sure that you stay ahead of your competitors has never been easier.

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