The Benefits of Using a VPN for Gaming

As a result of digitalization, online security has become integral to staying safe online. In recent years, VPNs, virtual private networks, have become increasingly popular among consumers with their protection ranging across various devices and markets. Moreover, the recent increase in cyber-attacks on esports tournaments has highlighted the importance of using a VPN when gaming.

Due to that, we’re going to look at some of the ways that a VPN can be used within the gaming sector to not only enhance enjoyment but also provide added protection.

Early Access to Games

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Digital gaming platforms such as Origin and Steam are regularly adding to their already extensive list of games. Furthermore, the same is happening on consoles with newly developed releases continually hitting the shelves. As a VPN allows for a secure connection to be created with a server in a different country, thus altering your IP address, gamers can use the software to gain early access to the latest video game titles.

As your IP address is used to determine the entire outlook of the Steam store, and because this can be altered through a VPN, bypassing the platform’s geo-restrictions is now a genuine possibility. Through connecting to a server in a region that is a considerable number of hours ahead before then logging back into Steam, the store will have updated to precisely match the location of the changed VPN.

Global Gaming Opportunities

Throughout the world, many countries use local laws to restrict access to a variety of online content, including online video game servers and social media platforms. While VPNs have previously not been applicable for competitive online games, new developments have resulted in the industry taking steps towards becoming both more accessible and safer.

However, it isn’t just regions that seek to block certain content as institutions such as universities and colleges also do the same. As restricted networks are becomingly increasingly common, a private network connection ensures that gaming isn’t a controlled experience. Moreover, aside from bypassing geo-restrictions, a VPN can also be used to access brand new downloadable content even when developer limitations are in place. Not only does this increase opportunities for gamers in various countries, but it also provides access to country-exclusive deals.

Preventing DDoS Attacks

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Although many contemporary digital attacks are carried out through visual hacking, the online gaming industry has recently become progressively vulnerable to the threat of distributed denial-of-service. The issue itself attempts to render a device or network’s resources unavailable through disrupting targeted server traffic, which, in turn, results in an inoperable service. Over the last few months, Blizzard servers have suffered DDoS attacks which have impacted Overwatch and World of Warcraft’s online capabilities.

Of all the attainable VPNs that are available, Surfshark is undoubtedly one of the best on the market for online gamers as it connects to an unlimited number of devices. Along with protecting against online threats such as DDoS attacks, the VPN offers fast speeds, pro torrents and unlimited bandwidth and data usage. Furthermore, in addition to being compatible with Apple and Windows PCs, the software also works on games consoles, making it perfect for gamers.

Stay Protected and Use a VPN

With so many threats emerging online, a VPN is essential in ensuring that data remains secure and gaming experiences aren’t affected. Alongside being able to prevent the threat of DDoS attacks, the software can provide early access to the latest content, while also being a highly influential tool in connecting the global gaming community.

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