The Best Apps For Your Morning Commute

Our commutes to work can be frustrating. We’re bundled into carriages, squished into somebody else’s armpit and made to pay over-the-odds for the pleasure.

However, there are ways to make that commute a little more bearable, and most of them revolve around simply downloading a few apps on your mobile device.

From games, to the ability to be able to work on the go, we take a look at the best things to do to pass the time on your way in to work…


No, casino doesn’t have to be played in a tuxedo in Monte Carlo, online it’s truly thriving with some inventive games and quick play formats perfect for on-the-go.

There’s fun, excitement and in theory plenty of opportunity to test your brain, what more could you want to prepare for a day at work?

The likes of blackjack, roulette and slots games are all ideal for a 15 minute session on your commute and there are plenty of places in which you can do so. You can click here to find out more about the many casinos available and download them today!


If you’re a regular user of word processing or spreadsheets, then you could get started early and download G-Docs.

You can download Google Sheets and Google Docs to your device so that you can edit your documents for the day on your way into the office. All you need to do is sync up your accounts. Once you get into the office you candownload the work as a Word document or even continue using Google Docs, whatever you prefer!

Brain Training

If you want your commutes to be all about putting yourself in the right mindset ahead of your working day, then brain training apps are certainly worthwhile downloading.

There are many available in the likes of the App Store and Google Play, including Peak, Elevate and Lumosity.

The latter is certainly one of the leaders, with games lasting only a short amount of time which should be played every day. These are perfect for the commute and it’s an app used by millions of people worldwide.

Games vary and test all manner of cognitive skills including memory, processing speeds and reaction times.

Flow Free

There are so many fun puzzle-type games available to play these days, and Flow Free is one of the very best.

It’s a simple game of joining the dots and the more levels you move up, the harder it gets. It’s rather mindless and is ideal for passing the time. Although it can prove to be incredibly addictive!

It’s one of a number of similar games that are worth downloading, including Rope Rescue, Candy Crush and of course the legendary Pac-Man.

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