How to choose electronic assembly manufacturing services

Electronic assembly is one significant term used in the field of electronic device and product manufacturing. It is the job of the electronic equipment assembler to work in a factory, which assembles multiple electronics and computer components and parts. Furthermore, the experts must also comply with all important government and industry standards, along with the safety protocols while manufacturing electronic assembly items. The experts need to work on routing, soldering and even cutting some of the electronic parts.

PCB and its importance:

One major concept of electronics got to be printed circuit board, mostly known in its abbreviated form PCB. PCB is sometimes called printed wiring board or printed wiring cards. Before PCB came into being, the circuits were constructed through a tedious procedure of point to point wiring. This, in result, led to failures at the wire junctions and shorter circuits, whenever wire insulation starts to age and crack.

One major advance was when wire wrapping came into market, where smaller gauge wire is wrapped around post at every point to create gas tight connection. As electronics started moving towards integrated circuits from vacuum tubes, costs and sizes of the components start to lower down. Electronics started to be more prevalent in the consumer goods and the cost drove manufacturers to look for some other and better solutions, leading to PCB.

PCB types and manufacturing:

Primarily speaking, PCB comprises of four major types and the manufacturing procedure differs from one to another. It is mandatory to learn the differences before choosing the right electronic assembly manufacturing services.

PCB prototype Standard PCB Fab Advanced PCB PCB basic assembly
1 – 8 layers 1 – 32 layers 1 – 32 layers Turnkey or consigned fulfillment
5– 1000 pcs: quantity 1-1 million pcs: quantity 1-1  million pcs: quantity 1-10,000+ pcs: quantity
Standard IPC1 Standard IPC2 Standard IPC1 IPC3
Lead time 2 to 9 days Lead time 2 days to 5 weeks Lead time 12 to 15 days Lead time within 2 days
FR4 material FR4 material Flex, Alu, Rogers materials C-Ray, AOI, ICT and SPI materials


The best companies offering EMS:

The electronic manufacturing services are mainly provided by companies, assembling, designing, producing and testing electronic components and PCB assemblies for the original equipment manufacturers or OEM. These companies offer various manufacturing procedures, which include assembling and testing.

These companies might be contracted at multiple points in this said manufacturing procedure. Some of them might require just a design file to proceed further and develop the product. They will source components from trusted distributor and assemble them to test the items. On the other hand, EMS providers specialize in assembling components as per client’s requirements.

Then you have some other electronic assembling manufacturing providers who need design components for manufacturing and assembled sample from the customers. Other EMS firms might provide added onsite services like PCB etching or might provide such services from another contractor. Some simple tips might help you to choose the best company offering electronic assembly manufacturing services.

  • Be sure to check their credentials. For how many years have they been associated with such manufacturing procedures? What other clients have to say about their services? Remember to get answers to these questions before offering them your project.
  • The reputed centers might be able to offer flexible plans to customers. Not all needs associated with electronic devices are same. So, they should be able to change their plans accordingly.
  • They are able to offer some added onsite services, making them a leading choice among masses. Experts from RayPCB are able to serve you with your requirements.
  • The fees need to be within your affordable budget plan. Reputed companies are thinking about their masses rather than their own pockets. So, be sure to check their pricing of services before moving forward with their help.

They offer testing services too:

Reputed companies will offer either one or more types of product testing after completing prototype or product run. Right from agency compliance testing to analytical laboratory testing and even automated optical inspection, they are able to serve you all. Furthermore, you can rely on them for environmental testing and functional testing too. Remember to check all the features of an electronic assembly manufacturing company, before making a choice.

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