The Best Case Mods of 2017

Case mods have been a staple in the PC industry for a very long time. They allow system builders, artists, gamers, and pretty much anyone to really make their PC build their own. Case modding has never been more popular and many companies actually commission modders to create one of a kind builds to show off their new hardware or case. Each week we feature a mod or build that has been completed in the community in our Case Mod Friday section. Going through all of the features of the past year we have picked out a few that really caught our eye! Without further ado here are our picks for the best case mods of 2017! In no particular order of course!

Likwid Mods’ minimAl
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To start off we have Likwid Mods’ minimAL build, which he has done inside of a custom case he built. This build was really unique as the colors used were nothing like we’ve seen before. While it is a white build he has used a light blue coolant and actually frosted the hard tubing creating a really unique and cool look. The build is extremely clean and all of the parts work together perfectly. Be sure to check out our full feature on minimAL.

Juggapat Thonglue’s Ducati Monster PC Ultimate
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It is not often we see a PC build that looks exactly like another product. Well Juggapat Thonglue has built an awesome PC that looks just like a Ducati Monster motorcycle. The attention to detail on this build is uncanny. Has has encorportaed many different pieces of PC hardware so they look like they are part of a Ducati motorcycle. If you are a Ducati or motorcycle fan this is a build you are definitely going to want to check out. Be sure to check out our full feature of the Ducati Monster PC Ultimate.

Daniel “Twister” Bolognesi’s Project CrystaliZed 570X
CrystaliZed MOD 04 HQ
This actually happens to be my favorite case mod of 2017, and turns out was one of our most shared features of the year as well. Daniel “Twister” Bolognesi really did an amazing job on this build. It was part of Corsair’s Crystal Mod Contest 2017, where contestants took one of Corsair’s Crystal 570X cases and transformed them into something amazing. This build only keeps the necessary parts of the metal frame of the case and switches everything else out with clear panels. Also the colors just match perfectly. Make sure you check out our full feature on the CrystaliZed 570X.

Modder Crow’s The Wheel Of Star
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If there was one scratch build that really stood out this year it was the Wheel of Star build from Modder Crow. We know him for some pretty insane scratch builds, and the Wheel of Star is no exception. It is designed to sort of look like a mix between a clock and a gear wheel with the PC located in the center. The entire thing actually spins like a gear too! Truly impressive! If you are a fan of scratch builds you are going to want to check out our full feature on The Wheel of Star.

Brodholm’s Wing X99
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Another equally impressive build from this year was the Wing X99 from Brodholm. While it looks like it was done inside of an ordinary case, the case was actually custom-made and a case that we all would love to have. This build has some of the most impressive acrylic work as well as cable routing, it is just sexy. Be sure to check out our full feature on the Wing X99!

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