The Best Case Mods of 2021!

2021, another year of amazing case mods! Case modding and custom PC building keeps on getting bigger and bigger and it seems each year when we look back we are always impressed. Each week we feature a mod or build that has been completed in the community in our Case Mod Friday section. Going through all of the builds from the past year we have picked out a few that really caught our eye! Without further ado here are our picks for the best case mods of 2021! In no particular order of course!

Alex Banks’ Project ENSIS

This is probably my favorite scratch build of the year. Alex Banks built this amazing machine completely from scratch, which took him 600 hours! It not only has a really unique and futuristic design, but also some of the best custom lighting I’ve ever seen on a build before! Alex made a great video showing off the entire build process, seriously impressive! Be sure to check out our full feature on Project ENSIS!

Timpelay’s Project SAT

Project SAT is another incredibly impressive scratch build from Timpelay! The entire build is themed after a satellite and even has foldable “solar panels” which are radiators for the watercooling system. This build is really nothing like we’ve seen before and is almost like a piece of art! Be sure to check out our full feature on Project SAT!

Snef Computer Design’s Project Glacial

Project Glacial is more of a traditional case mod / build which was done inside the Cougar Blazer case and is my favorite build that I’ve seen in that case to date! Everything just goes so well together like the custom reservoir and channels, to the mid plate, and of course the blue and chrome colors. You would think the case ships like that it is so well done! Be sure to check out our full feature on Project Glacial!

Explore Modding’s Project A.R.E.S.

It is not often you can really push the boundaries inside of a typical case, but Explore Modding did just that inside of the Cooler Master C700M with their Project A.R.E.S. build. The enrtire motherboard tray rotates inside of the tower, which is impressive on its own, but it is even more impressive that everything is water cooled! Truly out of this world! Be sure to check out our full feature on Project A.R.E.S..

AK Mod’s MECHA 5000X

We’ve seen mech-themed build and mods over the years, but what AK Mod was able to do with the constrains of the Corsair iCUE 5000X is immensely impressive! The MECHA 5000X looks like something out of the sci-fi movie and the colors just match perfectly! Be sure to check out our full feature on MECHA 5000X!

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