The Best mobile apps for business

So you decided to start a business and now, you’re having to do what feels like a thousand things all at once. You’ve chosen a path travelled by those who enjoy taking a few risks along the way, but little did anyone tell you how much you were letting yourself in for.

From having to stay away from home, manage the accounts, any staff and still find a way to get in some exercise and spend time with loved ones, it can all feel a little overwhelming; especially for a new business owner.

That’s where starting a business in 2020 is different. We live in an age of pure technology and mobile apps to help us overcome some of our biggest struggles and make life just that little bit easier.

So, what mobile apps are going to be best for your business in 2020? Here are just a few suggestions.


When it comes to your accounting needs, Quickbooks is the ultimate and trusted solution that you can turn to. Not only do you get a sense of your financial health, you can track everything as well as running the payroll all with one click from your mobile device.

The advantage to Quickbooks is, that because it is trusted, most banking systems connect to it, and you are protected with your data through strong security encryptions. The good thing for novice and even expert users is this, you can sort your tax bills directly from the app as well, handy for those who make monthly contributions directly into an account system.


Ever wondered how much idle time you are spending on your phone? How much time could be used to do important things rather than be on ten different WhatsApp groups? How much time did you lose playing that “one game of snake”?

RescueTime is here to help you with that, and hopefully change a few bad habits as well. With daily alerts, emails and reports generated, you can see where you spent that time that you needed to spend elsewhere… i.e. on your business. It’s a great way to see what can change and what work you need to do to develop some good business habits all based on data as well.

Moneypenny Telephone Answering

Whether you’re a new business, a growing business, a one man band or an international entity, having the right kind of telephone answering service can make or break your relationship with any new client. That’s where the Moneypenny Telephone service can help.

You get to focus on your business whilst there is someone else taking the call for you. Not only that, but you will get notified by your app in real time too. You get peace of mind that your client doesn’t go elsewhere and that a professional service team have taken the call, so you never miss out on new business when it comes in.


The main competitor to PayPal and definitely worth a look if you’re business is, food trucks, beauty salons and retail shops.

Not only are you given a small portable card reader that attaches to a phone, tablet or mobile device but, if you’re a bricks and mortar store you can upgrade your package to a point of sale system. This is handy for businesses that are doing more trade and are looking to scale. With daily reports that can be broken down, Square is a great solution for retail business.


Do you constantly write on the back of your hand? Do you struggle with loose pieces of paper flying around your bag and office?

Well the evernote app is a great way to avoid all of the above. You can store and share your personal and business to-do lists, reminders and notes across mobile and desktop devices. Perfect for those that want to organise a little better their work and note taking.

These are just a few of the apps that you should consider using if you are running your own business. Other extremely useful apps include Google sheets, docs and drive and Trello for project management.

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