The Companies Keeping Remote Workers Safe With Leading Cybersecurity Tools

For many of us, being able to work from home permanently has been a dream. No more long commutes to and from the office, no more enduring drama between your colleagues – days have been a lot less stressful. Rolling out of bed and to your desk is a lot less complicated too, there’s no doubt about that.

But remote working isn’t a new thing for everyone – many of us have always worked this way, and are used to what that entails: maintaining the balance between work and home life, keeping up with work scheduling and processes without being present in the office, and following through on procedures that keep a company’s data and network safe.

Now that most of the world is remote working, or at least has been largely since the end of 2019, companies are at risk of exposing themselves due to employees being careless with company computers or not protecting their access to shared drives. When you think about it, a company that has 300 remote employees all accessing confidential business data through a shared drive, that’s 300 potential access points for hackers, and only one is needed.

The tools and techniques of hackers are changing and advancing all the time, but keeping them at bay are the companies responsible for some of the most sophisticated cybersecurity software on the market.

Read on to learn which companies have the best solutions right now and are leading the way in keeping remote workers safe.

Perimeter 81

Israel-based Perimeter 81 started out in 2018 and has already positioned itself as one of the go-to providers of cybersecurity solutions. The company has earned a reputation for creating leading software that’s unrivalled in how well it safeguards remote working. Wherever you are in the world, secure access to cloud networks and applications is achieved without the need for legacy solutions such as VPNs and Firewalls.

Outside of SASE, its most comprehensive option available, Perimeter 81 offers a full, modernized suite of options for keeping organizations of today safe, from SDP to a highly encrypted business VPN. What makes it stand out even more is that it’s also one of the most affordable providers out there right now.

IBM Security

Established over 100 years ago, IBM is a multi-faceted technology company that no doubt most people are in some way familiar with. Known more for its computer processors, in more recent years, the company has begun perfecting cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses of all sizes. Between zero trust, SIEM and SOAR solutions, as well as data and cloud security, IBM’s comprehensive range of tools does a great job of protecting enterprises and the very devices they’re lauded for innovating.

All of these impressive solutions are available across a wide range of services that cover the full scope of potential threats, from mobile connections to fraud, making it an ideal choice for remote working.


Anyone who’s worked in offices will have come across the brand Cisco at some point in their career. Founded almost 40 years ago, the cloud, networking and cybersecurity provider puts a focus on securing the connection between remote devices and the sensitive company data stored on-site.

Cisco, known for its world-class endpoint protection, is also popular due to the scalability of the solutions it offers, and the ability to meet the demands of all companies. It caters perfectly to large corporations as well as government infrastructures, but anyone who runs a small business will be pleased to know that it’s tailored a suite of applications and security protocols for smaller operations. Given that small businesses are the biggest targets for data theft, it’s good to see this area is covered too.


Owned and operated by Broadcom, Symantec provides global cybersecurity protection that can conquer any existing or emerging threat. Its commitment to ensuring endpoint security is backed by state-of-the-art encryption and the expertise that comes with almost 40 years of being a leading name in online safety.

Businesses using Symantec will benefit from a host of security services, from privileged access management to web and information security, and will have the chance to combine these tools with other solutions offered under the Broadcom name, like Forrester, which is known for industry-leading data security.