The Fastest GTX 1080 Ti Is Here – KFA2 HOF “8 Pack” Edition

In collaboration with OverclockersUK, KFA2 is announcing the fastest GeForce GTX 108- TI graphics card, the Hall of Fame “8 Pack Edition”. As expected this card features a completely custom design, triple 8-pin power connectors, triple-fan, triple slot cooler, and LCD display!

8pack gtx1080ti 2 8pack gtx1080ti 1

On top of that it features the highest clocks of any GTX 1080 Ti so far, with a base clock of 1645 MHz, GPU boost up to 1759 MHz, and the memory is at 1425 MHz. According to OverclockersUK the GPUs powering these cards are cherry-picked and they only expect to sell 5-10 units a month because of this.

8pack gtx1080ti 4 8pack gtx1080ti 3

These cads are currently available for pre-order for £950 (about $1230 US), and have an expected shipping date of May 26th. Definitely a premium price for a premium product.

8pack gtx1080ti 6 8pack gtx1080ti 5

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